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Why I'm Great with Horse Riders!

by Caroline Clarke

5 March 2021

Caroline Clarke has been approached by Ouch! to collaborate working with their expertise on pain relief.
Here's what Caroline had to say to to Ouch! in a recent post...

Having been in the equestrian world all my life (as well as competing to top level as a show rider in the United Kingdom), I feel that I can bring a lot of knowledge to Postural Alignment for the horse rider, whatever discipline you compete in, as well as your own individual level. When you ride with a trainer who is asking you 'how much weight are you feeling on each bum cheek?' or telling you that you're putting more weight in one stirrup than the other - well, when riding towards a 120-140m fence, I'm certainly not thinking about that!

So, if your work is done in the comfort of your house, not on the back of a horse, how much better is that? This is where I come in! From photos and a video of you riding, I am able to assess your posture. Put that together with an hour and a half Zoom call and I will make you a bespoke menu of Postural Alignment exercises to help correct your posture on a horse.

Try a class - the first one is free of charge - Simply... the day before a class, email and send me your name, email address and chosen class. Here's a list of classes currently running on UTC, UK time (find your time zone offset here)

Monday 9am and 7pm
Tuesday 2pm and 6pm
Wednesday 9am and 7pm
Thursday 2pm and 6pm
Friday 9am
Saturday 10am

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