Heal Your Pain
Postural Alignment Book
My brand new book is here
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Heal your Pain | Postural Alignment Book

It's now time to put what I do into print!
My book has just been published...
Available to purchase in either HARDBACK or EBOOK versions.
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I am so lucky to have some incredible people around me from a great friend typing my words into print, an amazing illustrator come proof reader, to a fantastic photographer who also has worked as a personal trainer and a publisher holding my hand through the process.

I have been bringing my Postural Alignment classes to many clients over the past ten years. I have been trying to think how to get 'Heal your Pain' out to more people - it had to be a book. A user friendly not too much text, more photos, with why you are doing the exercises and how they will help you.


  • HARDBACK with spiral ring binder and really great quality paper. Not too big so that you can be doing the exercises with the book by your side.
  • EBOOK, digital version for ease of use with your digital reader.

The forward has been written by Casey Lyons who was Vice President of the Egoscue University for twenty five years, now the man behind Ouchrelief.

There is part of the book about Gait, how you walk and stand, as well as another part for Horse riders.

All my models are clients that I have worked with over the last few years. It was such great fun doing the photo shoot, which we managed to get done within a day in my studio in Tavistock.

The book is for any age group as well as whatever your ability. I have a YouTube channel that will run alongside where I do each exercise to help you further understand what you are doing.

HARDBACK | Heal your Pain Book

Price £15 plus £4.50 postage & packaging to UK.

Please contact Caroline for postage & packaging prices for the rest of the world via email here.

EBOOK, DIGITAL VERSION | Heal your Pain Book

Price £7.25 (via Amazon)