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Case Study E - JAERED


Tight shoulder

I was so excited to start working with Jeared as he is a professional ballet dancer who studied at the Royal Ballet, worked for the Royal New Zealand Ballet and is now with the Den Norske Opera and Ballet.

He is a very fit man but I could see a couple of alignment issues to deal with. The great thing working with the Egoscue method is that the body shows you any problems.

One shoulder was much tighter and one hip caused Jaered much discomfort, but being an athlete he worked through this. As he was on holiday from the ballet company, we worked together for 4 weeks, 2 or 3 times a week. The difference was fantastic; we were both so excited. Jaered is now thinking of leaning Postural Alignment for after his dancing career.

Jaered's Testimonial - "Caroline is so brilliant, perceptive and hard working and as well as getting great results with her I had a lot of fun doing it."

I had the most amazing experience working with Caroline Clarke doing the Egoscue Method. Being a ballet dancer I push my body very hard and often have pain. Egoscue has helped me find more balance in my body, to find the roots to my weaknesses and aches and pains and begin to correct them. I became stronger in a matter of weeks reducing pain and even gaining more movement in my problem areas. In 6 weeks my colleagues and coaches saw a noticeable difference in my work and I feel so strongly about my egosue experience that I am considering becoming an instructor myself to help other dancers or sports people or anyone else for that matter.

Egoscue is gentle, focusing on posture alignment to make the body work correctly and painfree. I recommend it to anyone.

Jaered Glavin

Ballet dancer with the Norwegian National Ballet