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Case Study F - COLIN


Headaches, neck, shoulder, elbow, back lumber and knee pain

Colin is a husband of a close friend of mine. She persuaded him to come and see me as he wasn't sure. Colin was a gymnast as a teenager and landing on his right leg a lot has caused long term damage. He is someone who wants it to happen yesterday and so pushes himself very hard. The good thing is that when he felt results, he got more and more into his e-cises.

His pain was bad when I first saw him. He put his headaches down to stress. On a scale of 0 to 10, Colin's neck pain left 0 to 3, left and right shoulders 4, elbow right 4, back lumber 6, knees left 8 and right 4. He had bad pain lying on his left side in bed.

Colin had put all this down to getting older. He wanted everything to get better overnight and pushed too hard in his first week then his hip started complaining. As a result, he was going to cancel his second appointment, but I said this is when the Egoscue method can really help so he came over. I did some e-cises then put him into the Egoscue tower (the holy grail). He couldn't believe the 90% improvement when he left. He has never looked back and a few weeks ago walk a 10 mile sponsored walk, not even a twinge!

Colin's Testimonial - "Please, please, please do explore this 'pain free' method of looking after and improving your body lifestyle."

With a mixture of trepidation and anticipation, I approached my first exploratory session with Caroline Clarke and the Egoscue method. Being a moderately fit 56 year old man with a history of back aches and pains from the simplest of gardening tasks, l did not believe my level of fitness, flexibility or stamina could be improved by simple indoor stretching and exercising using only the floor, a wall and a dinning chair... How wrong I could be. After a 90 minute introductory interview when historical health issues, an overall 'severe' looking at and general standing/walking postures were fully investigated by Caroline, my life has been transformed from accepting regular minor exercise pain to the 'pain free' happy existence of an Egoscue practitioner.

Over the past 3 months my body has been gently coaxed into standing ,walking and working in the garden without fear of injury due both to a general easy fitness program and the knowledge that various e-cises will relieve muscle strain and pain rapidly if not instantly. This may not be your 'thing' in trying to improve your overall health because a small measure of will power is required to perform the daily 15 to 60 minute e-cises (15 mins for a short program if the alarm clock fails, or 60 minutes as you awake early determined to have a great day). Thus you will feel good muscle aches as the body adjusts to moving and standing correctly but, you will feel less painful strains as your body does not do the wrong things.

Please, please, please do explore this 'pain free' method of looking after and improving your body lifestyle. I will never win an Olympic medal but, I'll never strain a muscle doing a lightning 'Bolt' or a 'Mo-bot'.