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Case Study C - VICTORIA


Victoria is a fellow equestrian; she is only 19 years old but works very hard in the discipline of dressage, training young horses and so gets many knocks and bangs. When I first met her she had a horse fall on her and concussed.

We only started working together a week ago. Her pain was very bad. I had no idea until I asked her questions starting at her head, her headaches could reach an 8 out of 10, neck left side 6 right side 3, back between shoulder blades up to 10, both hips 7 to 10, left ankle 4 and her wrists cracked. I was shocked but athletes work through most pain!

The great thing was her body was crying out for postural alignment. I immediately started treatment and within a week, the only pain was a 0 to 4 on the right hip which the method has flagged up as a weakness. She is fab and does her menu each day and sometimes twice.

Victoria's Testimonial - "I no longer wake up with aches in my joints, get unbearable headaches during the day"

Before I started my Postural Alignment training with Caroline I would constantly have aches and pains throughout the day, which would make my life as a professional Dressage rider and trainer incredibly difficult. However after 2 weeks and only 2 sessions learning about posturual alignment, my body has become more flexible, supple and easier to work with!

I no longer wake up with aches in my joints, get unbearable headaches during the day or let any weaknesses in my muscles effect my job!

Training Postural Alignment with Caroline has so far been a fun, effective and rewarding experience to carry on further! Caroline took all of my athletic goals and personal weaknesses into consideration and helped me achieve unlimited strength and control within my entire body in a completely pain-free way.