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Postural Alignment Specialist, Caroline Clarke is here to help you as a Carer or Care Agency, heal the pain of those in your care using customised exercises with her latest program, Heal Your Pain - Tools for Carers.

"Over my years as a Postural Alignment Specialist, I've been privileged to work with many older clients, and I'm delighted that I've been able to significantly increase their mobility and range of movement. So... I decided to put together a program to reach out and help more people with reduced mobility, and those caring for them."

Heal your Pain | Tools for Carers | What's Included

1 - Demonstration Exercise Video

  • The first part of the program is a link to a fully comprehensive video, demonstrating some gentle exercises that you as a carer can use, to make the increase of mobility a pleasurable experience for the person in your care.

    There are different sections for those who are confined to bed, in a chair, or mobile but lacking in confidence to move far. The exercises can be introduced slowly, maybe one at a time, and carer and participant can have fun connecting with each other in a new way; I always aim to make my exercises fun.

    The exercises on this video are easy to follow, allowing the participant to stay within their own range of movement, within their comfort zone, while gently increasing flexibility. The muscles will begin to strengthen day by day. These exercises will engage the major joints, and the muscles around the joints, straightening and strengthening them.

    In my experience, clients have found a big difference in both mind and body after a month of these exercises. Increasing confidence in mobility and strength helps nurture a positive outlook on life. I hope you enjoy them.

2 - Printed Hardback Book

  • Secondly, there's 'Heal your Pain', an exercise handbook for carers - it's important that the carer stays healthy too and keeps their own aches and pains at bay. This is an easy-to-follow hard back reference book, with exercises for releasing each part of the body in turn, from head to toe. Simply go to the page dealing with the part of the body where there's discomfort and follow those exercises. If they're done regularly and made into a habit, any pain and discomfort will begin to diminish.

3 - Equipment | Small Exercise Block

  • Small (high density) foam block Measuring 26 x 30 x 14 cm. Perfect size to keep knees 4-5 inches apart during specific exercises.

4 - Equipment | Rigid Belt

  • This rigid belt is an indispensible aid to a range of exercises within this program.
Heal your Pain | Tools for Carers | Why you need this Tool!

You're amongst the special ones, the carers of this world.

Watch this introductory video and you'll know exactly why Tools for Carers was produced just for you....

As a carer, you are such a giving unselfish person to either be doing this work as your profession or looking after a loved one. This film is quite emotional as these are the words of many of my clients. It brings tears to my eyes as I watch this.

The person you care for trusts you this is so important. If you have two minutes every time you see them you will see the impact and improvement physically as well as mentally.

Please watch this short film... (3 mins)

Heal your Pain | Tools for Carers
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Testimonial from 82 year old Elspeth,
the star of our exercise video!

Elspeth Currey

When I was 70, I sprained my knee very badly and was on crutches for six weeks. After that, I tried to be as inactive as possible to protect my knee. Big mistake. For the next five years I hobbled around with a walking stick. But my luck changed at 75, when I first met Caroline Clarke.

I was then physically extremely hesitant, scared to get onto the floor in case I couldn't get up again. The bad knee was always bent and could not straighten. Caroline worked patiently with me for months, until one amazing day I got down onto the floor all by myself and, with help, got up again. With her support, I gained strength and flexibility week by week until I could get down onto the yoga mat and back up again without panic - or human assistance.

Now much more confident, I started to feel I was getting younger although I was older! Then a second landmark occurred. One day, my walking stick went to Penzance, but I got off the train at Plymouth. I didn't notice. I didn't realise for weeks! Several years have passed since then, and I still don't need a stick.

Shielding slowed me down and stiffened me up, but, once I was double-vaccinated, increased exercise and encouragement soon brought my activity levels back to normal. These seven years working with Caroline have taught me that movement is essential for flexibility and healing. Now, if I have a horrible twinge like the one a few weeks ago, I don't think it's the end of the world as I know it, I go and see Caroline instead! She always prescribes the right programme of exercises. That twinge disappeared and, thanks to the exercises, my bent knee is much straighter.

I am 82 now, the client in the exercise video. It seemed logical to use someone who really is old and needs to make an effort to do the exercises to prove that, repeated regularly and over time, they are restorative. I am genuinely more flexible now than I was at 70, don't use a stick and can get up off the floor without fuss.