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My Bespoke Postural Alignment Treatment
Walking (gait) shows where the alignment problems are Gentle postural alignment exercises

How It Works:

  • WHERE: The in-person assessment will take place in my studio in Tavistock Devon.
  • PRE-ASSESSMENT PREPARATION: I will have already sent you out an intake form which you need to email back to me two days before your appointment.
  • WHAT TO WEAR: On the day you will need shorts and women will also require a vest type top.
  • ASSESSMENT PHOTOS: After discussing your reason for seeing me, I will take four photos front, back and both sides. We will go through what I am seeing in the photos.
  • ASSESSMENT WALKING (GAIT): Walking (gait) is such a big part of my assessment, so I will watch you walk.
  • ASSESSMENT EXERCISES: Gentle corrective exercises are next. I will guide you through the exercises and then discuss the results.
  • POST ASSESSMENT: When I get home, I will record myself doing your routine telling you any places where you may cheat. The recording is held on zoom cloud for 5 months. You will receive an email with the recording and my assessment of your photos, including why you are doing each exercise.
  • FOLLOW UP APPOINTMENT: We have a follow up appointment on Zoom the next week, so I can hear how you are doing.
  • BONUS: You will also have two free classes on Zoom.
  • COST: £85 for first 90 minute treatment and £65 for follow up treatments of an hour.

I am here to talk to people both before and during treatments for your complete understanding.

I will be doing some very small two to one classes by appointment only.
In addition, every Thursday, I run four small in person classes, a maximum of five people per class, between 8am and 12pm at £15 per person, contact me.
Contact Caroline

These are held on the first floor at:

3 Abbey Place, Tavistock, Devon PL19 0AB

Pain free for life!

A simple yet revolutionary program to take you from
chronic stiffness and pain to enjoy the activities you love.

Postural alignment for all ages

It's never too late. Pain as you get older is common almost to be expected but this does not need to be normal. The human body is designed to stay healthy, functional and strong by restored flexibility. Improved balance, freedom from energy draining pain and confidence in your body.

We spend so much time in our working years sitting down for longer and longer periods. Activity is what keeps our bodies healthy without aches, pains and injuries. This with injury or surgery results in imbalanced muscles and pain.

Postural Alignment Therapy is a process where you will understand how you have the simple and permanent solution to chronic pain. By looking at the root cause and not the symptom, you will see how easily you can learn to take the first steps to reset your body. Enjoying health and fitness through movement for rediscovering an active life it's never too late.

Your Pain Free for Life program is an education process from feeling that your body is letting you down and needs fixing, to understanding the root cause of your pain and knowing what to do about it. You will be given the tools to reset your body back to its natural state of alignment through simple exercises that you do daily.