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Case Study D - HARRY


a limp, uneven, rounded shoulders, tilt in pelvis

Harry has been a joy to work with he is only 11 years old. He has broken his legs 3 times once as a toddler and 2 times in his 9th year. He hasn't got any bone problems just unlucky. The doctors and physiotherapists said he would lose his limp when he gets bullied at school so bad!

He had very uneven shoulders and rounded, his head dropped forward big tilt in his pelvis and his feet stuck out - poor Harry.

Within a couple of weeks the improvement was amazing then in about 8 weeks of starting he won the sprint and 3rd long distance in a school county competition. That says it all...

Harry's Testimonial (from his mother) - "What a difference after only one session!"

Having been to see Caroline myself, I convinced my son who had broken his right leg once and his left leg twice to see Caroline as well. We have seen a number of physiotherapists who say things will improve, but they haven't. What a difference after only one session.

The exercises Caroline recommend have improved his posture, his walking and he is not in as much pain. We see Caroline regularly and each time new exercises are added to his programme. I cannot recommend Caroline enough. Thank you. Holly