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Case Study B - BRIAN
UK Egoscue Practitioner


Pain in both hips

When I first met Brian he found it hard to walk across a room. His hips were so bad as we judge pain from 0 to 10 his hips were reaching 6 on his left hip 10 on his right.

His wife was so upset as they were going away to Paris just before Christmas and Brian kept having to rest.

Walking increased pain whilst sitting decreased pain, so Brian wanted to stay sitting down.

His reason for starting work with me to walk without pain.

Denise's Testimonial (Brian's wife) - "Our sincerest gratitude to Caroline and would highly recommend her services to everyone."

Caroline Clarke has made a tremendous difference to my husband's lifestyle. Her patience and guidance on Postural Alignment has helped transform Brian's posture and daily exercises have reduced pain in his hip and legs. Under Caroline's professional expertise and care, Brian has now been assisted to enjoy a more active life.