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ONLINE CLASSES and ONLINE ONE TO ONES for Postural Alignment

I run 10 ONLINE CLASSES each week using Zoom as my video program, easy for everyone to use, even me!

I am able to see everyone and you can speak to each other so just like a normal class.


  • From your device, click ZOOM Cloud (Meet Happy) - download here.
  • Text Caroline at (+44) (0)7875 537527 OR Email Caroline at your NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS the day before the Online Class.
  • 20 minutes before the Online Class, Caroline will text/email you back your Meeting ID/password details for the day.
  • At the time of the Online Class, go to, when prompted, add your designated Meeting ID... you're in!
  • I need you to position your phone, tablet or laptop so that I can see you at all times.


What you will need:

  • A band, belt, block, chair and a wall.

Any questions, please do call Caroline on: 07875 537527

When they run:

Monday 9am and 7pm
Tuesday 2pm and 6pm
Wednesday 8am and 7pm
Thursday 6pm
Friday 9am and 5pm
Saturday 9am

What the Online Classes cost:

  • £40 per month or £5 per class.

If paying on a per class basis, you will be invoiced at the end of the month.

Contact Caroline Now on 07875 537527


I have been doing Online One to Ones during the years of being a Postural Alignment Specialist.


  • HOW: The platform I use is Zoom.
  • PREPARATION BEFORE THE ASSESSMENT: You will have already received an intake form that has all the information you will need for your assessment appointment.
  • PHOTOS: I will need the intake form emailed back to me with four photos front, back and both sides. Men just in shorts - Women in a vest type top and shorts. It's very important for me to see shoulders and your knee position. These photos need to be head to toe with no shoes.
  • SHORT VIDEO: I also will require a short video of you walking towards the camera then turning round walking away.
  • EQUIPMENT: Equipment you need on the day - a belt not elastic, a pillow or block, a chair and a mat.
  • 5 MINUTES BEFORE: I will send a Zoom login by email five minutes before your appointment - you will need to already download the Zoom app and access video and audio.
  • DURING THE ASSESSMENT: I will discuss any aches, pains or issues that are worrying you. Then sharing me your screen, we will go through your photos. We will also go through a few gentle corrective exercises with me guiding you.
  • POST ASSESSMENT: When we have finished the appointment, I will video myself creating for you a bespoke exercise routine with any little cheats I saw you doing. This will be emailed to you, again using zoom as the holding cloud (they will be available for 5 months).
  • FOLLOW UP APPOINTMENT: We have a short appointment the following week to discuss how the routine is going and what else you would like from me.
  • BONUS: You will also have two free classes on Zoom.


What the Online One to One Virtual Assessment costs:

  • £85 for 90 minute One to One Virtual Assessment
  • £65 for follow up treatments of an hour


Contact Caroline Now on 07875 537527

Sue Jerrett

When lockdown arrived, Caroline decided in order to keep her clients upright and out of pain, she would master Zoom classes and master she has and some. I do a class most days and it's brilliant, works so well. Caroline is as supportive as ever just a new way of working... give it a try... you won't be disappointed.

Rachel Szymusik

Ohh where do I start? Caroline offered the light at the end of the tunnel that no other practitioner could, I'm no longer dependent on painkillers and know exactly what to do when I have a flair up. Thank you sooo much xx

Andrea Birtwistle

Caroline has a natural instinct to see what is out of line or not working properly and an easy and fun way of getting the exercises across to release those problem areas. It's not always where you feel the pain that is actually the cause, so don't be surprised if the pain you have in your back is reduced by doing an exercise with your hips. Or even finding those chronic migraines are resolved by an exercise with your feet and lower body. You may be sceptical, but you will be amazed.