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Testimonials from around the World

Antonio, online from Switzerland

Before I found Caroline, I'd tried every other trick, therapy and treatment out there, with no luck whatsoever. Years of physio, acupuncture, massage, osteopathy, chiropractic, and medication left me in as much pain as I was when I started, if not more. From day one with Caroline, I experienced relief and was able to start moving freely again. Her exercises are easy to follow, targeted, and effective, and her warmth, enthusiasm, and passion for what she does are infectious and motivating. Her classes and group sessions are incredible value for money, and her dedication to her patients is unbelievable, from the detailed custom videos she sends you after a session to the unprompted follow-up check-ins, as well as her availability.

Sarah Howard

Caroline is my 'WD40', miraculously, she has managed to loosen up all my rusty old body parts!!!! XxX

Lucinda H-Smith

Caroline has seen all our family members for various pain issues, and has solved them all through re-alignment and structured exercises targeting the problem areas with success. Caroline's enthusiasm and sense of humour makes classes enjoyable and fun, while working our bodies to become pain-free and supple. We can highly recommended Caroline's unique style of pain management, which has made a huge difference with our walking and running. Thank you so much Caroline!

Beth Rickard

I approached Caroline desperately seeking help for extreme hip pain and other problems. She has kept me supple and focused for six years in a most caring and dedicated manner in her own unique and wonderful way. Thank you.

Naomi McBride

Caroline has empowered me to manage my back pain positively and I feel confident that her exercise programme will bring me a huge long-term improvement. Her classes are great fun, so it's no effort to keep them up. I've noticed a great difference in my fitness levels - even in a few weeks.

Ann Briggs

Caroline conducts her classes for the benefit of each and every one of us. She is constantly checking how everyone feels and is always cheerful and upbeat; nothing seems to faze her. She seems to be able to create magic miracles by curing people's various aches and pains by the end of each class. She is welcoming and encouraging to all and when joining one of her classes you feel you are joining a group of friends, inspite of not knowing most of them and only seeing body parts of them on small screens! I cannot recommend Caroline more highly and bless the day my friend told me about her and persuaded a small group of us to join. We have all benefitted hugely. Go Caroline!

Helen Parr

After suffering from a bad back for years and living with the constant pain I have tried various things to sort it, by doing Caroline's classes and working with her one to one the results have been amazing for me.

Jo Down

Can't explain why it works but it does. Always look forward to class and feel so much better after.

Joy Elohim

Grateful! Living in the U.S. I'm able to attend 4 of Carloine's online classes per week. Due to her knowledge and expertise my body is strong, stable and pain free.

Jonty Thrower

Amazing classes - really fun and you don't notice the hard work you are doing! Even with lots of us on-line Caroline manages to make sure everyone is properly looked after and she pays special attention if you have a problem (without it interfering with the others in the lesson).

Helen Chamberlin

I've been amazed by the difference Caroline has made to my flexibility and overall fitness. She's an excellent teacher who combines tremendous knowledge and expertise with great fun!!

Fiona Kent

Caroline's classes have made me feel like a new person, really helping a rotator cuff issue and sciatica. Can't recommend them enough!!

Maxine Ball

Caroline's classes are just what you need when you don't want to do them, go in feeling rubbish come out feeling renewed!

Nu La

Like taking a large drink of water for your body! Caroline's classes help reset what life throws at my body.

Jenny Killingbeck

Caroline is a natural teacher - classes always fun and they work!!


In late March I twisted my knee whilst in a crouched position whilst moving a rock. Self diagnosis and exercise sourced off the internet got me nowhere... I was struggling in all normal activity and could not play golf. By late May, I had managed to see my GP who diagnosed a torn cartilage. He thought that my options were surgery or to contact a physiotherapist and try building up my quadriceps and see how I got on and have a review after four weeks. I did not know of any physiotherapists, but I remembered a friend had his back problems resolved by Caroline Clarke and he had given me a pamphlet. I got in touch with Caroline who was very prompt in sorting me out with an analysis of my issues and a one to one session, where a menu of exercises suitable to my situation was established and explained. These were followed up with notes and videos explaining the exercises. I do my own menu of exercises every day and also join a class every day run by Caroline on Zoom, which is fantastic as I do not have to drive anywhere. The discipline of attending the classes every day and having my own menu has meant I did not need to go back to my GP. NO SURGERY and this week I played my first full game of golf since March. Caroline's approach with the Egoscue Method and her personality are a great tonic to people in my situation. You are a star..... thanks.

Sally (Devon)

I am thrilled. Caroline with her Egoscue exercises have helped me get into postural alignment. I have been hunched over for a few decades. It took four sessions over a period of six months. I am in my sixty's and my hunchedness was affecting my health. Well done Caroline, many thanks.

Paul Turner - Ex Royal Marine

Hi Caroline. I just wanted to update and thank you. I'm very much on the mend and things are improving daily. I'm continuing with the exercises they've become a bit of a habit! Looking back, I realise that two physios made the wrong diagnosis of what was causing my leg pain, you on the other hand got it right. As the healing has taken place, the pain has gone from my ankle and thigh and is very much in my bum and now feels muscular which is what it was! It's been almost two months now and I think it'll be another month before full recovery. Apart from broken bones, I've never sustained an injury that has taken so long to heal, been so incapacitating and painful! I've learnt something over the last couple of months that's for sure! I just wish I knew what the cause had been!!

So once again thank you so much. I'll be recommending you to anyone who is in need of "straightening" out. One final thing... your no nonsense approach and sense of humour are great!!

Bex Phillips

Had a fantastic afternoon with Caroline on Tuesday. A thorough but friendly approach. Far more creeks and clicks than I expected, but some absolute revolations with regards to my gait and posture. Relieved to discover the problems are fixable, as an ex pro dancer thought I had battered my body beyond repair! My personal exercise plan is achievable and clearly described. Can't wait to see/feel the results.

Claire Bruff

I walked into Caroline's office like The Hunchback of Notre Dame, my neck was more seized than the outdoor tap on an icy day, I was wonkier than Willy Wonkier and my knees and ankle were as stiff as a board after I was in the saddle for longer than five minutes. After our first session I had movement back in my neck and I was standing straighter. Caroline gave me a set of exercises to do everyday and after a few days I attempted a longer ride with no pain. I went back to Caroline after a couple of weeks where I got a new set of exercises to work to. I'm pleased to say that I'm no longer wonky in the saddle and I attempted a 5hr ride over hill and vale and can safely say, I had no pain at all in my knees and ankle. I'd highly recommend going to see Caroline if you have any aches and pains. She is very good at helping you relax, she's professional, knows her stuff and she copes well with hairy legs!

Laura Lewis

I walked into my first class on crutches and now I am so much stronger and in much less pain thanks to Caroline. I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome which means I dislocate multiple times a day as well as other symptoms. I have tried everything to help but nothing has worked until now. One on one sessions with Caroline and group classes have been amazing (good fun too!). My condition is degenerative so there is no cure but this feels as close as I could get to that. Please give this class a try regardless of your ability. You won't regret it!

Sue Jerrett

For many years I have suffered with aches and pains (shoulders, neck and headaches) and had to have a hip replacement 6 years ago at the age of 49 and was told then that I would probably need the other one doing within 10 years, but I was determined that I wouldn'T and I would do all I could to strengthen my skeleton and muscles, as I was told my pelvis was out of alignment and that had caused the uneven wear in my hip joints.

I continued to do Pilates which did help, but then Caroline Clarke came into my life at my local sports centre and I am now pain free… it’s amazing. I go to 3 classes a week with Caroline and I also had a One to One assessment with her to pinpoint my problems and she then created a personal exercise programme to help me realign and I try and do this most days at home. I feel so much better and I have no aches and pains and the pain I was getting in my 'old' hip has completely gone and I know now which small exercises I need to do to correct any twinges that I may get and it really does work.

Caroline is a very attentive and caring teacher and she has a band of regulars, like myself, who attend the weekly classes. For us, it is not just the exercises to correct our posture that keeps us going back, but Caroline’s great personality that has us all laughing and discussing all manner of topics and really is a tonic for the mind as well as the body.

I have recommended Caroline to friends and colleagues who suffer with joint pain and I know that several like me feel we have at last found the answer after many years of searching!

Caroline also works with students at our local senior school and with people from all walks of life including service personnel who are in need of rehabilitation.

Caroline is an inspiration to us all.

Helen Dickinson

Initially, I was a little sceptical of how a static class could be beneficial to my running performance. I have been a runner for many years and have completed over 30 10ks, over 15 half marathons and 2 full marathons and continue to run approximately 12 miles a week. Last October, I did the Amsterdam half marathon and delighted in having no joint pain or muscle stiffness during or following the event – for the first time in years. Prior to this, the only thing that had changed in my training schedule was the addition of postural alignment classes. I now enjoy a significantly improved range of movement and flexibility when running and attending circuit sessions.

I am a total convert to the benefits that postural alignment affords through precise working of specific joints and muscle groups and heightened awareness of participants to their bodies’ specific needs.

James Carr, Manager, Tavistock Community Sports Centre

Caroline joined us as an Instructor at the Sports Centre in June 2015 delivering her class Postural Alignment.

The class has been well received by our members and is one of our most popular classes, with us running three classes a week and more often than not they are all fully booked.

Our members consist of a vast number of people of all different ages, abilities and fitness levels. The class helps members who are in pain or have a specific issue but as well it improves the all-round fitness an stability of other members who have no injury concerns.

As the Sports Centre Manager I would highly recommend the class for your employees, as it will certainly improve their fitness in other ways than just the usual fitness programmes people undertake.