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Sky News talks LIVE to Caroline Clarke

by Caroline Fautley, The Alternative Office, web designer

14 April 2021

Caroline Clarke, qualified practitioner in Egoscue talks to Sky News LIVE about Egoscue,
Postural Alignment to relieve tension and pain and how her business has been expanding over digital media.

Sky News asked Caroline Clarke to talk about how the Covid crisis has hit her business particularly hard and the opportunities it has provided using digital and video services to expand her business.

Caroline, a qualified practitioner in Egoscue, using postural alignment to realign the body to relieve tension and pain, discussed how business was for her pre-lockdown and when Covid first started to hit.

Caroline said, "I was pretty scared to start with because my business was turning to nothing, I was running out to village halls and teaching in my studio and all of a sudden I couldn't see anyone. So zero business and so that's when I decided I was going to have to jump on to virtual and it's just been going from there."

Caroline's daughter, a tech expert, helped in her business by building a computer for her with great graphics, a big screen and cameras. Together with working with the Egoscue Institute in America, Caroline was able to use their software, so she was able to share her screen with clients, watching their posture. From there Caroline went completely virtual going from 100 people a week to about over 500 a week now.

Caroline further talks about her Classes online, telling the viewers how she logs on half an hour before each class, talking to each person with any problems and see what is going on visually. She therefore build my class around what's going on with all my clients in that class.

Caroline has clients all around the world including Japan, Hawaii, America and closer to home in Ireland and all over England. Caroline moved from West Sussex to Devon six years ago from a standing start and now she's gone back to all her clients from West Sussex, who have bought people in from all over England and the world, Australia, New Zealand, just everywhere! "It's just amazing!" Caroline says.

Caroline discussed her future plans...

The future will be a mix of One to Ones two days a week, with the rest of the Classes being virtual, all online.

Caroline is now writing a book to be published this summer to complement her brand-new YouTube Channel.

An expanding digital and real business in the making indeed!

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