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How I Got Started

by Caroline Clarke

16 April 2021

Once again, Caroline Clarke has been asked to guest post with Ouch!, describing how she got started in the business of 'Feeling the Pain'.
Here's what Caroline had to say to to Ouch! in her recent post...

I'm often asked how I came to be working as a Postural Alignment Specialist, and how fortuitously I met Derek from Ouch!, my amazing mentor! I became inspired with a brand of postural therapy called The Egoscue Method, which led me to practicing and helping people all over the world for nearly 10 years.

I initially came across The Egoscue Method through a personal situation, when I was trying to help my husband who was in a lot of pain. As soon as I watched a therapist working with him, I was captivated by the practicality of this method. It was at this time that I met Derek Hintzen. As the Director of the Egoscue Institute, he saw me through my training from the USA, launching me as a trainer in the UK. After leaving Egoscue, and later joining Ouch!, Derek has continued to help me when needed, and is always available for advice helping people stay active and pain free.

Moving to another part of England seven years ago, I changed careers, starting from scratch in Postural Alignment. Being active and highly competitive within the Equestrian world throughout the UK for many years, gave me an amazing eye to see the body's ailments, bringing it from the form and gait of one species to another.

Whilst dealing with the many challenges of lockdown over this past year, my business has grown extraordinarily. One of my goals is to make Postural Alignment accessible to everyone, so classes as well as One to Ones have been my way to grow. This testing year has seen exactly that, where my classes originally taught in person have been replaced by virtual classes using Zoom as my platform.

Most of my clients start with a One to One where you are provided with your own bespoke menu of exercises. However, I always offer a class free of charge to see if you like my methods. When booking a month of classes, you can see me six days a week in class, so, most people sign up for a month of classes! Whenever you would like a little more individual attention, we then book another One to One. Try it and see!

Try a class - the first one is free of charge - Simply... the day before a class, email and send me your name, email address and chosen class. Here's a list of classes currently running on UTC, UK time (find your time zone offset here)

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