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Exercise and Enjoyment

by Caroline Clarke

20 April 2021

This sounds a contradiction but it's really not! I'm definitely not a teacher that is authoritarian
Postural Alignment classes and One to One Assessments should be enjoyable, not a chore.

The mind and body are so interlinked, many people will experience pain in the body when things are not good in their lives. This is why, although I am very serious with my Postural Alignment Classes, I like to keep it light-hearted at the same time. I never 'mute' the online class, as I need this precious feedback during the workout. My clients should come out of the class lighter in their bodies and their minds. I like to dig deeper into people's ailments, so I always login half an hour before the session, where people have the chance to talk to me about any issues or worries they have about their aches and pains. I never set about with a strict plan for a class, as I don't know what the class wants from me until about five minutes before we start. However, I do believe that the number of amazing testimonials I have received speak for themselves - read feedback from clients right here.

Try a class - the first one is free of charge - Simply... the day before a class, email and send me your name, email address and chosen class. Here's a list of classes currently running on UTC, UK time (find your time zone offset here)

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