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Shaping Up Nicely... in Devon Life

by Caroline Fautley

1 August 2020

Caroline Clarke was delighted when Devon Life invited her to talk about The Egoscue Method, Postural Alignement and life in Devon.
Here's what she had to say to Caroline Fautley about her experiences...

Caroline moved to the market town of Tavistock from West Sussex nearly six years ago, having already established her Postural Alignment Specialist business some two years earlier.

She recalls: "I feel that they're the best years I've ever had, making some truly close friends and finding amazing clients."

Postural Alignment is a therapy used to heal pain by ensuring your body is in proper alignment. Caroline then proceeds to straighten and then strengthen your body with gentle corrective exercises.

Caroline first began to see disparities within the human body as well as having a great eye for people's gaits from years spent on horseback. Having ridden since the age of four, she jumped all over the country including the Devon County Show in Working Hunters, qualifying many times for Royal International and Horse of the Year Show.

Caroline adds: "This has definitely helped me with knowing what exercises will bring my clients' bodies back into alignment to lessen their pain.

"I work with a range of clients from children to the elderly, all needing to get confidence back in their bodies, whether through injuries, too long sitting at a desk or bad habits that move bones. One of the most transformative aspects of Postural Alignment that I learned is 'muscles move bones!' So, by doing corrective exercises on the muscles, the body realigns."

Caroline uses The Egoscue Method of Postural Alignment, having qualified with a University in San Diego, USA in 2012.

"The Egoscue Method is such a practical therapy; it just made so much sense to me as I love working with people. After discussing your history and worries, I take photos from the front, back and sides, updating my specialist software as I go. Together, we then work through what I can see - your gait; most people walk incorrectly.

"There is a blueprint for the human body to stand and to walk. If we step outside of this blueprint, pain will indeed show itself."

From a menu of over three hundred exercises, Caroline asks her clients to do different exercises, walking around between each one to see how they feel. She then builds a menu of bespoke exercises just for them.

Caroline adds: "I also have the Egoscue App which you can download providing detailed information from photos, videos and written instructions on how to do each exercise."

Caroline has been running both One to Ones and Classes, however since the Covid-19 pandemic, her Online Services have proved a revelation during lockdown with the help of Zoom, enabling her to reach so many isolated people on Dartmoor, to all around the world.

She's astounded to say: "I always knew that Egoscue One to Ones were as good online as in person, I don't need to get near or touch people as massage or manipulation does.

"Online Classes are great too; running ten a week ensures there's plenty to join in and feel better with guest spots from experts in other fields such as nutrition and core walking."


The Egoscue Method was created by Pete Egoscue through his efforts to find solutions for his own chronic pain. His story is familiar to anyone who has suffered without being able to find relief, discovering solutions on his journey to be totally pain-free.

More than four decades ago, Pete Egoscue returned from Vietnam with a Purple Heart and ongoing nerve pain due to wounds suffered in battle. Like many of us, Pete was conditioned to rely on medical experts, but they focused on his symptoms and were unable to help him. So Pete began his search for a way to live pain-free, finding the true cause of his symptoms - his posture and balance.