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Heal Your Pain

Devon Life Book Review - Heal Your Pain by Caroline Clarke

by Annette Shaw

6 October 2021

As many of us know, persistent aches and pains can be incredibly draining and contribute to feelings of depression and anxiety.
In 2021 World Mental Health Day falls on 10 October and I'd like to suggest Heal Your Pian as a book that addresses the importance of overall health.

From her practice in Tavistock postural alignment specialist Caroline runs classes and one-to-one sessions to encourage physical and mental wellbeing. Her new book, along with Zoom options and selfie photos, opens up access to a professional and caring exercise system and offers a guided self-help approach.

Caroline first became aware of Postural Alignment when her husband needed knee surgery. Considering all possibilities, she came across the Egoscue technique. Within three months the difference was considerable and, as a result, her husband hasn't required an operation. She then qualified as a Postural Alignment Specialist with a University in San Diego, USA.

You can purchase Caroline's book, Heal Your Pain right here.